HELI Production Resumed
Release time:2020-03-03 16:41:21

HELI Production Resumed

    Leading by CPC and central government, all Chinese peoplehave made concerted efforts to support Wuhan, Hubei, the COVID-19 epidemic hasbeen effectively controlled now and confirmed cases are decreasing daily. Theepidemic in Anhui is not much, our city Hefei has a population of 8 millionwith only 174 confirmed cases, most of which have been cured and dischargedfrom hospital.

    The company has been opened since February 10. In dailywork, the company has done all kinds of disinfection and protection to protectthe health of employees. In the beginning, the flow of goods was too heavy,which had a certain impact on the production and delivery. This week allproduction and delivery were completely resumed.

    Although it is difficult in the beginning of 2020, we areconfident that we will get through it. We will, as always, to strict andefficient management, to provide customers with the best quality products andservices.

HELI production line

HELI production resumed