HELI service trip to Middle Eastern Market
Release time:2016-10-28 04:56:52

Following the HELI development strategies, HELI Overseas Quality Long March Group undertook a Middle Eastern trip to UAE, Iran and Oman in August. During their stay, the HELI working team was warmly welcomed and praised by local dealers and end-users, which greatly improved the reputation of the HELI brand in local markets. 

It’s fiercely hot in August in the Middle East. The HELI  working team visited various workshops and warehouses of each dealer to inspect every HELI truck; instructed local after-sales personnel on performance of comprehensive service and maintenance, providing professional technical and after-sales training for the sales and after-sales teams of local dealers; and shared the latest product knowledge and after-sales maintenance experiences with dealers.  After comprehensive communication with dealers, the team traveled thousands of kilometers to visit end-users and answer their questions, face to face. They have been working under high temperature condition - up to 40 degrees. Their professional dedication was highly appreciated by both end-users and dealers. 


After every visit, the HELI  working team listened to local dealers for suggestions on developing the market, discussed future marketing promotions together, and agreed on further customer service improvements, so as to achieve the best logistics scheme and boost market share. Also, valuable suggestions have been passed to HELI headquarters. 

This Middle East Quality Long March activity enhanced confidence of dealers and customers for collaboration with HELI in the future. HELI partners from Middle East said that they expected HELI  to keep conducting such activity, which would also help dealers solving their real problems. At the same time, it also helps HELI to understand customers’ actual demands. With the comprehensive communication with customers, HELI has greatly improved its brand reputation there. All parties are now looking forward to improved collaboration between HELI and its Middle East partners.